Flawless is a site- specific installation based on the Brightness of Nature, inspired by exploring Amsterdam green

areas like the “De Plantage”, that I define it as “Bright Spaces”. As temperature changes autumn turns winter, and

Elm trees shed their leaves. Flawless recalls the passage of time through seasons by transforming the perception

of the exhibition space.

The installation highlights the natural phenomenon of photosystesis in flora activity, which is essential for life in

every city. By considering this natural manifestation as relevant elements and translating them into an

emotional architectural experience presenting a sublime light reflection of handcrafted and self-sustainable light

elements that moves as a poetry around the space. It evokes a positive message of happiness and innate longing

for a more fundamental connection to the natural world.

Photoluminescence proceSS


" Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy that can be later released to fuel the organisms' activities. "



To interpreted this phenomena as it is metaphorically similar to the magical chemistry concept called

pholuminicence, a method to absorb energy from the sun to fuel themselves. During the daytime, the pigments

absorb energy from the sunlight giving them a bright green glowing color at night. In this way the installation is self-

sufficient and self-illuminated.

Flawless gives us the chance to communicate to a larger audience a message and even involve them into a

creative process. New forms of handcrafted lightning as large scale intervention can profoundly transform the

aesthetics and ambience of cities around the world. By using light, which is by itself a strong communicative medium

as well as storytelling as a vehicle to illustrate a message, inviting the viewer to experience and contemplate a new

perception of the landscape.


 Resisting the forces of nature such as wind and water; Flawless, takes around two months of preparation starting

from the casting, shaping and cutting of the handcrafted leaf elements.

The composition of more than 4000 handmade self- sustaining light leaves are carefully hand constructed and

certainly hanging by thin but firm steel threads, high in durability and elasticity.

The threads are suspended in between four grid structures, creating modules; The four module’s structure working

together or independently are creating a 3D shape rectangle installation reaching 10 x 5x 2 meters. The installation

as a site- specific can be adapted and modulated according to the characteristics of the exhibition space.

In addition, UV/ black lightning will help to give more distinction and accent to the artwork emphasizing a surrounded

green reflection.